Can you buy additional licenses?

Absolutely! If you need to buy additional seats for your Featuring license, doing so is as easy as buying a license for the number of additional seats you need and redeeming said license. This tutorial will show you how.


First, open the Featuring menu by clicking "Featuring" at the top of your board, and then click "Settings".


Next, click "Redeem Another License".


Paste the license key you received into the input, then click "Redeem for Organization" if redeeming for a team, or "Redeem for Personal Use" if redeeming for your personal boards.

Important! If you want to redeem you license for your team, you must complete this process on a team board. Doing so on a personal board will unlock Featuring for your personal boards only.


Once your license is successfully redeemed you'll receive a thumbs-up! Your Featuring installation is now licensed for the number of seats you previously licensed plus the seats from the new license. Thanks for supoorting Featuring!