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Featuring is a lightweight feature management power-up for Trello. It lets you associate cards with specific features and track how those features are progressing towards completion.

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With Featuring you can:

Create & Manage Features

No matter what you're working on, there's are likely dozens of individual facets and aspects. Make them explicit and add useful information like specifications, descriptions, and more.

Tag Cards with Specific Features

Keep track of which cards relate to specific features, and add custom icons to make visual scanning quick and easy.

View Related Cards & Follow Progress

By specifying which columns represent in-progress and completed cards you can follow feature progress. You can also view cards tagged with the same feature and quickly jump between them.

In addition to the above, Featuring is:


Unlike other Trello power-ups, you don't need to hand over access to your Trello account to use Featuring.

One-time License

Featuring is free up to 5 features, and only costs a one-time $10 per Trello team member to upgrade.

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